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Zepth Meet & Collaboration

More Teamwork. Less Rework

Promote an efficient collaborative system to reduce project cost while ensure higher profits, earlier completion, and fewer contract disputes.

Plan. Conduct. Conclude.

Zepth is a massive plus for productivity, it includes the full spectrum of the standard industry features plus a host of other exciting features to chat, record screen, create private notes, share screen, assign tasks and many other functionalities.

Built for Teams

With the inclusion of some very robust features, the Zepth interface is very intuitive to use. It has controls to start a meeting with a single click, in-built calendar to view the schedule and dedicated tasks to transform issues into actions. Administrators can also organise webinars and large conferences with up to 250 participants.

Schedule Meetings

Zepth enables project members to set up a meeting, define collaborative agenda and share documents with the team. Users can also schedule recurring daily, weekly or monthly meetings at a go. Zepth automatically sends meeting invitation, in sync with the email calendars.
Instant/ Scheduled meetings with RSVP
Add agenda and documents in the meeting invitation
Daily, weekly or monthly recurring meetings
Meeting calendar- daily, weekly and monthly
Create and track tasks against the meeting

Video Conferencing

Zepth gives access to video conferencing with the project team and provides access to advanced moderation tools while enabling meeting recording on cloud and allowing project members to add private notes.
Join meetings on web with advanced moderation tools
Meeting waiting room
Record meetings on the cloud
Create and assign meeting tasks
Create private notes and group chat

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