Risk Management


Risk Management

Deal effectively with uncertainty and unexpected events with construction risk management software

Minimise Exposures

Not all risks are created equally, Zepth risk management helps teams deal with the culling out of various risks that arise over the life cycle of a project to help the project remain on track and meet its goal.


Create centralised repository of all identified risks along with their mitigation plans.


Save time requesting, analysing, remediating, and reporting on data


Allow teams to focus more on reducing risk and meeting compliance.

Identify Risks

Identify Risks

Correct risk identification is the first step towards effective risk management. Take your project to success with timely identification of all risks.

  • Identify and record all possible risks detrimental to the project
  • Document and communicate the identified concerns
  • Generate a risk register of all heads that need attention

Risk Classification

Optimise risk management response for projects with detailed categorisation and analysis of risks to ensure a smooth run.

  • Evaluate each risk and its impact in terms of both risk impact and probability of its occurrence
  • Develop prioritized lists of the risks for further analysis or direct mitigation
  • Analyse risk impact across 7 key factors
Risk Classification
Map Risk Triggers

Map Risk Triggers

Avoid being blindsided by a risky event that precede the risk to mitigate their impact in due time.

  • Capture potential indicators of risk before its occurrence
  • Gain awareness of the risk for improved governance and planning
  • Proactively respond to potential risks to keep your timeline and budget on track

Create Mitigation Plans

Decrease the probability of negative events with robust mitigation plans for identified problems and track their timely implementation.

  • Get enhanced visibility into risk mitigation or remedial measures for improved governance
  • Map the actions that need be taken to eliminate, reduce, or transfer the risk
  • Identify the staff and /or vendors that need to work on managing the risk
Create Mitigation Plans
Risk Dashboard and Reporting

Risk Dashboard and Reporting

Generate, export and share automated PDF risk management reports instantly. With detailed view for each risk, assessment, triggers and mitigation plans at a single place and see through their ultimate resolution.

  • Automated PDF exports & sharing
  • Expansive project performance dashboard
  • Risk heat map to have a bird’s eye overview of risk across project
  • Record & track mitigation plans

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