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AI-Powered Construction Management

Unlocking the Future of Construction Intelligence for better, safer & faster project delivery


Building Smarter. Building Safer. Building the Future!

Elevate your construction projects with advanced AI, optimizing processes, enhancing safety, and driving strategic decisions for unparalleled success.

Cutting-edge Tools
Advanced Insights
Enhanced Decision-Making


Zepth AI

Advanced AI tools redefine construction management. With Zepth AI Labs, make the greatest and the latest in the field of AI work for your construction project to unlock the future of construction management with — innovation at work.

Common Data Environment


Simplify construction project management, enhance teamwork, and boost productivity with advanced cloud-based tools.

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Built for Your Business

Take control of the project lifecycle and track the entire dollar journey across your project portfolio
General Contractors
Maximise profits, reduce costs and deliver as committed with advanced tools to connect onsite & offsite teams.
Architects & Engineers
Enhance communication, collaboration and efficiency through every step of the project lifecycle.

Experience The Power of Data

Enabling faster, data-driven decision-making with a suite of advanced tools to efficiently manage the entire portfolio and teams in one place.

Powerful Dashboards
Powerful Dashboards
Get a bird’s eye view of the project with Intuitive Role-Based Dashboards
Zepth Insights
Zepth Insights
Transforming project data into actionable insights for efficient project management.
Automated Reports
Automated Reports
One-click PDF & PPT Reports for detailed daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

Build Better, Safer & Faster

End-to-End Lifecycle Management

Robust tools to plan, build and operate projects seamlessly in a common data environment.

Maximized Profits

Protect & enhance your profits with scalable tools to drastically enhance productivity and performance.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve insights, processes and drive profitability with deep real-time insights.

Cost effective

Truly transformative and scalable tools to enhance profitability and maximise ROI throughout the project lifecycle.

Make The Most Out of Your Zepth Subscription!

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Data
Free Training
Common Data Environment
Enterprise-Grade Security
Customisation Capability
Robust Support
Particle element
Particle element

Drag & Drop Form Builder!

Transform how you plan, capture and track the status of work with paperless forms for all your site processes and workflows with Zepth Custom Forms.

Pre-defined form templates
Tailored Workflows
One-Click Exports
Dashboards & Reporting

More teamwork, less rework

Establish single source of truth across your project with a central collaborative platform to unify the teams, communication and data across field and office.

Seamless Collaboration: Work smoothly with suppliers, contractors, and clients for efficient project execution.
Minimized Rework and Delays: Clear communication and task assignments for maximum efficiency.
Enhanced Transparency: Zepth ensures comprehensive progress updates for all stakeholders.
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