Jobsite Management


Jobsite Management

Go from on-paper to on-site with construction Jobsite management tools

Enhance Quality & Safety Compliance

Stay connected to the field with streamlined quality and safety management in your construction project.

Standardise & Digitise
Instil accountability and transparency with streamlined paperless quality and safety control managed on-cloud.
Instant Action
Resolve problems immediately once detected with task-based corrective actions and powerful issue tracking.
Effortless Reporting
Stay on the pulse of project standards with automated PDF reports and insightful dashboards.


With digitised inspections, collate your site data along with your project data. Monitor project progress from the office and identify issues raised, comparable across teams, contracts and contractors.

Initiate and manage inspection requests
Create and customise checklists library
Transform issues into actions with corrective actions
Ageing analysis and performance tracking

Snag List

Ensure all aspects of the job have been completed to the highest quality with a detailed inventory of snags to instil accountability, improved collaboration and proper documentation.

Identify and fix defects with a standardised process
Add references to the snags
Assign defects and track progress
Maintain complete history of all activities

HSE Report

Transform how safety is managed in your project with standardised frequent checks to identify issues, initiate instant action and instil a culture of shared Health, Safety, Environment responsibility.

Prevent incidents with digital site safety
Custom HSE checklists library and builder
Create corrective action for failed checkpoints
Complete your HSE reports onsite

Incident Reporting

Minimise risks with the fast and accurate reporting of incidents and near misses while enabling teams to move away from paper-based systems. .

Report incidents, accidents, injuries & near misses
Comply with injury reporting regulations
Centralise root cause analysis activities
Reduce risks and future incidents

Non Conformance Report (NCR)

Record and manage all quality deviations with detailed non-conformance report (NCR). Keep a track of the problems, their root cause and their resolution to instil a high-level of quality compliance.

Identify and document specification deviation
Determine resolution with the contractor
Record corrective/ preventive action
Sign-off and record-keeping


Zepth360 enables project teams to view site progress in 360-degree, collect site data organised by location markers, and generate an automated visual progress tracker, all with the convenience and comfort of accessing it remotely, anytime, anywhere.

Stay updated with the status quo on the jobsite with digital progress records
Add mark-ups and snags for easy issue resolution
Compare the captured site progress side-by-side with BIM, past photos, or project schedules

Daily Reports

Zepth daily reports empowers project teams to create detailed records for daily logs, weather tracking, crew mix, labour performance, delays and disruption, equipment, notes and site progress.

Identify site’s crew & the hours worked with Manpower Logs
Log quantity, supplier and invoice of the materials used with Material Consumption
Track and document onsite equipment and its usage with Equipment Usage
Support your daily reports with site photos, document attachments and comments

Weekly Reports

Maintain comprehensive daily reports with logs of materials delivered and used onsite, field notes and progress. The consolidated information lets project stakeholders get a sense of the project development without being onsite.

Enumerate all the details of the materials used
Details of the quantity used, supplier and invoice
Comprehensive phase-wise logging

Construction Progress Report

Standardise and digitise the progress report submission process with Zepth Construction progress Reports. It enables teams to collate and organise all the important project schedule data in clear formats for informed decision-making.

Digitization and standardization of progress report submission
Online collaborations and approvals with customized workflows
Seamless integration with Project Scheduling Platforms e.g., Primavera
Compare project progress with the baseline program & S-curve
Track progress of chosen activities and milestones
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