Snag Lists

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Transform Issues into Actions

Standardise the process of snagging and ensure that the common information is used by everyone within the project.


Zepth Snag List allows project teams to document, assign and share Snags using a standardised process. It makes it easy to manage and track the snags through snag photos, updates and collaboration and enabling project members to work on a snag as a team.


Zepth snag list allows teams to easily add snags to the Snag List with reference photos, mark up tools, snag details, notes, status and share snags with the team members.

  • Document and track snags in real-time
  • Monitor progress with due dates
  • Take photographs of snags and mark up the issue on the photo
  • Assign defects and track progress
  • Maintain a complete history of all activities

Dashboard & Reporting

The Zepth Snag List allows the project team to generate Snag List report in PDF format with just a single click. With activity history view for each snag, track activity logs, evidence and conversations at a single place.

  • Automated PDF Exports & Sharing
  • Detailed Contractor Performance
  • Record & Track Actions with Activity History
  • Download snag & snag reports in ready to share format with the online reporting tool

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