Construction Progress Report


Construction Progress Report

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Stay on the Pulse of your Project

Keep your project team on the latest project progress report with a common digital repository. Zepth Construction Progress Report module standardises and digitises the progress report submission process. It pulls up important project data from project schedule, organizes and displays it in a comprehensible format enabling informed decision-making. Zepth streamlines the progress report submission process while enabling a consistent flow of information and online team collaboration.

Digitization and standardization of progress report submission
Compare project progress with the baseline program & S-curve
PDF annotation and mark up
Track progress of chosen activities and milestones
Online collaborations and approvals with customized workflows
Seamless integration with Project Scheduling Platforms e.g. Primavera

Custom Approval workflows

Zepth provides tools to customize report approval workflows. Report managers can initiate a report submission with multiple approvers and reviewers in the report approval workflow and ensure that during review all relevant proejct members have an opportunity to review and comment.

Mark up and Stamp Reports Directly

All approvers and reviewers in the approval workflow can mark up and stamp submittal item without ever leaving Zepth. User can add markups, annotations and personalized stamps on the report and other documents to communicate their responses, visible across the activity log.

Key Milestone & Activity Tracking

Zepth construction progress report dashboard enables seamless tracking & reporting of project with configurable milestones and personalized activity tracker during the project.

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