Zepth Document Management

True Common Data Environment

Zepth submittals establishes a standardised submittal process and enables a consistent flow of information to avoid expensive delays and rework. It facilitates the team to generate and share documents such as shop drawings, OEM specs, material data sheets etc.

Initiate, approve and distribute the right information
Enable custom workflows
Reduce rework and delays
Complete log of the submittal process

Submittal Exchange and Tracking

Zepth enables seamless tracking and review of submittal progress. As submittal items move through the workflow, Zepth automatically tracks and displays transition dates and related details. Zepth offers project managers and general contractors real-time snapshots of approval statuses and archives all user interactions for all assigned parties.

Custom Submittal Workflows

Initiate a submittal or assign it to a Submitter with tools to add multiple approvers and reviewers to ensure all necessary team members have an opportunity to review and comment. Once approved, a submittal can be closed and distributed quickly within the platform.

Mark up and Stamp Submittals Directly

All approvers and reviewers in the submittal workflow can mark up and stamp submittal items without ever leaving Zepth. Users can add markups, annotations and personalised stamps on drawings and other documents to communicate their responses.

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