Daily Reports


Daily Reports

Zepth Field Reports

Onsite to Offsite Reporting

Zepth daily reports simplify the construction project management. It empowers onsite teams to work with ease with streamlined daily progress reporting. It allows them to create detailed daily logs, tracking weather, crew mix, labour performed, delay and disruption details, equipment, notes and site progress.

Manpower Logs

Record consistent and detailed progress of a construction project while keeping track of the work done. These daily progress reports help instil transparency in the project with clear visibility of the site progress.

  • Automatic weather conditions logging
  • Identify site’s crew and the hours worked
  • Detailed list of tasks and their status

Material Consumption

Maintain comprehensive daily reports with logs of materials delivered and used onsite, field notes and progress. The consolidated information lets project stakeholders get a sense of the project development without being onsite.

  • Enumerate all the details of the materials used
  • Details of the quantity used, supplier and invoice
  • Comprehensive phase-wise logging

Equipment Usage

Empower your site teams to document the equipment usage in a convenient and straightforward manner. Zepth daily reports significantly reduce office hours by allowing teams to create and generate reports from any device

  • Track onsite equipment
  • Document equipment hours in operation
  • Digital journaling of every observation

Site Photos & Notes

Users can add/attach field notes to track all of the information on a single page, including information for weather, comments, crews, equipment etc., with the site progress images.

  • Add photos and documents
  • Add annotation on images
  • Add notes and comments onsite activities

Additional Features

Daily Reports module also gives you added flexibility to add extra lines to track specific crews and other data that’s vital to your construction site.

  • Save time and clone existing report
  • Automated weather information
  • Flexible reporting to add detailed crew information, including labour activity and hours
  • One-click PDF Exports & Sharing

See Zepth in Action

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