Incident Reports


Incident Reports

Zepth Quality & Safety

Fast and Accurate Reporting Delivered

Zepth incident reporting minimises risk with the fast and accurate reporting of incidents and near misses while enabling teams to move away from paper-based systems.

Instant Reporting

Zepth incident reporting allows the relevant team to fill out a comprehensive incident report form online and enables them to report and record injuries, near misses, damage to property or assets, and security breaches. They can also add supporting evidence, such as photos.

  • Report, track, monitor, and improve all aspects of health and safety program
  • Centralise root cause analysis activities
  • Comply with injury reporting regulations
  • Reduce risks and future incidents
  • Gain insight related to incidents and ensure corrective actions are implemented to avoid recurrence
  • Record, track and effortlessly produce ready to share reports for work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Report incidents, accidents, injuries & near-misses

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