3600 construction progress management to keep your project on track

View your Site Progress in 360

Collect site data from autonomous missions and generate automated visual progress tracker.

Visual Progress Reporting
Stay updated with the status quo on the jobsite with digital progress records in an efficient manner.
Remote Access
View your jobsite in 360-degree wherever and whenever with seamlessly organised captured data with time and location markers.
Capture, View & Compare
Compare the captured site progress side-by-side with BIM, past photos or project schedules.

Collect Organised Data

Zepth360 helps create accessible information for a transparent ecosystem which is of great benefit for not just communications but also to resolve any issues or claims along the way.

Save Photos on the Floor Plan with Planview

Zepth360 provides Planview tool to map the location of the photo and save it on the floor plan. A simple click takes team members to the captured data, where teams can store multiple photos & videos within a single location.

Compare Progress Side by Side

Understanding progress over time is valuable. The use of the Compare feature allows the project team to view different photos of the same location side by side, see progress, and compare details.

Remotely view, compare and analyse your jobsite
Reduce confusion with time and location markers
Travel back and forth in your project

Highlight a specific item or area in a 360° photo with markups and annotation, add notes and details to create snags. The team can access the photos, comments, and details enabling them to upload and share edits directly through the cloud.

Quality assurance through photo documentation

Timestamps and easy access to a timeline of photos help identify and resolve issues swiftly before they turn into disputes, delays, claims and litigations.

Save time and money with a single source of truth
Compare progress with schedules to identify deviations
Generate ready to share progress reports

Zepth Snag List

Zepth Snag List enables the team to create snags on the go, add & annotate reference photos and quickly assign the responsible person with no paperwork.


Generate Snag List reports in PDF format with just a single click. With activity history view for each snag, evidence and conversations at a single place.

Asset Management

Zepth360 enables all on-site and off-site workers to collect and access critical asset performance data. It helps create a standardised workflow process for each project that helps reduce lead times and increase productivity.

It can be used to understand an asset’s complete life cycle. This allows an asset to be tracked from its acquisition to its disposal. With the aim to better understand an asset’s operational life and maximise its overall Return on Investment (ROI).

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