Request for Information (RFIs)

Zepth Document Management

Single Source of Truth

Zepth accelerates the RFI process with an integrated platform to raise, communicate and manage the coordination regarding RFIs between the project stakeholders. Timely response to RFIs contributes to efficient schedule management and overall project success.

Record & resolve RFIs faster
Control and monitor RFI progress
Connect and collaborate with stakeholders
Record history of all responses

Faster Approval of RFIs

Users can upload documents and add information manually. Everything is saved in real-time so all the stakeholders can view the progress on all outstanding RFIs. Zepth enables RFI tracking to lodge RFIs with project stakeholders and keep them accountable for delays.

Seamless Interaction

Zepth empowers teams to organise, distribute, and share RFIS on a single, connected platform, ensuring all team members have access to the latest information. With efficient tools for markups, Zepth enhances collaboration between project members and enables teams to close each RFI.

Automatic reminders and notifications

Zepth construction progress report dashboard enables seamless tracking & reporting of project with configurable milestones and personalizedOnce an RFI is created and sent, Zepth will continue to remind stakeholders based on the assigned due date. That way, project members can get back to work instead of having to check in on RFIs and manage the associated back-and-forth by email. activity tracker during the project.

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