Zepth Insights

Powering Data-Driven Decision Making

Transforming Data to Insights

Gain bird’s eye view into the project’s health, progress and performance with powerful automated
dashboards, advanced analytics and more.

  • Reduce Project Costs
  • Drive Quality and Safety
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Risks
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Powerful Dashboards for Data-Driven Decision Making

Zepth Dashboards transform all project data into meaningful, actionable insights to guide the project
and the business.

  • Portfolio Level Dashboard and Metrics
  • View and analyse the complete project
  • Get real-time overview of project progress
  • Personalized role-based dashboard

Actionable Reports

Zepth reports enable project members to make data-driven decisions with real-time reporting of various project aspects. Customized, one-click reporting allows teams to spot trends, delays and overruns with detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports. Zepth ensures that the stakeholders have access to the information relevant to them with role-based access.

  • One click, ready to share reports
  • Faster and easier access to the project information
  • Real-time report export
  • Exports in various formats including Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
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Configurable Dashboards

With customizable portfolio and project level dashboard get a holistic and personalized view of your construction data. Analyse and report data across the project with your desired views. Enable Portfolio level dashboards to see the perform across the projects.

  • Enable personalized dashboards
  • Instant view for project and portfolio-wide performance
  • Project status across disciplines
  • Include data from third party applications

See Zepth in Action

Schedule a walkthrough with our team to see how Zepth can help you successfully deliver your construction projects on budget, schedule and quality.