Authority Approval Logs


Authority Approval Logs

Seamlessly Monitor and Track Your Authority Submissions in One Place

Organize. Monitor. Accelerate.

Centralize your approval submissions and streamline the process of tracking, sharing, and managing authority approvals.

Effortlessly Manage Authority Submissions

Improve productivity and compliance by eliminating errors, accelerating approvals, and ensuring accountability across the team.

Streamlined Approval Monitoring
Easily add and track authority submissions with comprehensive categorization for enhanced monitoring and faster approvals.
Centralized Repository
Consolidate all authority logs into a unified system for quick access to critical submission details.
Enhanced Process Visibility
Gain full visibility into the approval workflow, identifying trends and potential bottlenecks for improved management.

Add and Track Authority Submissions

Organize authority submissions by type , designated authority, and key dates like planned and actual submission.
Attach relevant documentation, payments, tracking numbers, and additional remarks for each submission.

Monitor Approval and Work Statuses

Track the approval status of each submission, keeping teams aware of what's pending, approved, or rejected.
Log the work status to ensure tasks move forward after approvals.

Dashboard and Reporting

Access powerful dashboards and reports to analyze trends, approval performance, and team progress over time.
Visualize submission data to improve project planning.
Identify bottlenecks and streamline the resubmission process.
Share comprehensive reports with stakeholders in both web and PDF formats.
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