Cost Control


Cost Control

Plan, track and measure all budget-related activities on Zepth construction project financials tools.

Reduce Cost Exposures

Control costs with clear visibility of the entire dollar journey from project inception to completion.

Monitor Budget
Create a suitable budget and manage all financial variances and cashflows from project cost baseline.
Analyse Change
Get to the root of each change order, accelerate approvals and their impact on project close-out in real-time.
Generate Insights
Effectively manage the entire dollar journey through each change order, delay and accomplishment.

Budget Management

Manage the financial health of your project effectively with accurate budget. Analyse project progress and risks in real-time to minimise their impact on budget.

Structure budget for cost items
Perform budget revisions and transfers
Define project scope & capex statement
Manage work breakdown structure

Cost Control

Seamlessly manage the entire journey and impact of change orders on a central collaborative platform to instil clear accountability and visibility for all the actions.

Custom workflow for capex approval
Payment milestones and schedules
Review milestone and certify payments
One-click, ready to share reports

Cashflow Statement

Get details of projected & actual cashflows on a real-time basis. Track and maintain ideal cash position for your projects to mitigate risks before they become issues.

Get acquainted with optimum cash position
Review cashflows at subhead and contract level
Projected vs actual cashflows
Analyse shortage or excess of funds
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