Zepth Jobsite Management

Observe. Detect. Report.

Streamline the HSE inspections process with the digitisation of data gathering and reporting.

Conduct and Record HSE Inspections

Zepth HSE inspections enable project teams to get started quickly with the Health, Safety, and Environment program and ensure that they are using the Inspections template to adhere to the regulations. Users can add observations, attach evidence and annotate images while conducting inspections.

Create and Track Corrective Actions

Teams can immediately create a corrective action for any deficient item or HSE violation while conducting the inspections. Assign a responsible party and due date to a corrective action created for a failed checkpoint to ensure active resolution.

HSE Inspection Checklist Editor

Create, manage and maintain your project-level inspection templates library. An intuitive drag and drop checklist builder helps you to convert your existing inspection forms into your own custom digital checklist and maintain your own custom checklist library.

Dashboard and Reporting

Powerful dashboard and reports provide real-time inspection analysis with reports and metrics. The dashboard enables instant analysis of inspection results across locations, contractors and over the period of time to identify trends and uncover opportunities for improvement

Visualise data related to safety inspections to make better decisions
Improve safety compliance with quick and easy safety reporting
Gain insights into project-wide performance related to inspections and corrective actions
Track contractor performance with data analysis
Share PDF and web reports
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