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One platform to manage your construction labour, money, material & progress in real-time.

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Take Control of Your Construction Jobsite

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Unlimited Projects
Monitor as many projects as you want in real-time from one single place.
Tasks/Work Plan
Plan and assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress to ensure efficient project execution.
Capture and organize project photos, document progress, and easily share visual updates with your team members.
Streamline issue management by creating, assigning, and tracking snags for quick issue resolution.
Easily manage workforce attendance, track worker presence or absence, and calculate day’s pay with automated calculations.
Material Inventory
Keep track of materials, quantities, and costs, ensuring efficient inventory management for your construction projects.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Say goodbye to scattered to-do lists and endless paperwork. Zepth enables you to create and assign tasks efficiently, ensuring everyone on your team knows what needs to be done and when.

Stay organized
Enhance Productivity
Manage multiple projects simultaneously

Capture and Share Project Progress in Real Time

Capture high-quality photos and instantly attach them to tasks or issues. Share real-time project progress with your team and stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page. No more delays in communication or lengthy email threads!

Streamline Quality Control

Ensure every detail is accounted for with easy issue management. Easily create issues, track their status, assign responsible team members, and monitor their progress.

Maintain high-quality standards
Swiftly resolve any issues that arise
Save time and money

Simplify Attendance and Material Inventory Tracking

Keep accurate records of attendance and effortlessly manage your material inventory with free Zepth app. User-friendly interface to log attendance, track material usage, and generate comprehensive reports for better decision-making.

Effortless Jobsite Control

Connect Everyone Involved, On & Off the Field

No more delays, misunderstandings, or missed opportunities. Experience jobsite excellence with Zepth, connecting everyone involved, on and off the field in your construction projects. Get ready to embrace efficiency, productivity, and unparalleled teamwork like never before!

Unleash Jobsite Excellence!

Time and Cost Savings
Digitize and automate project management tasks, eliminating paperwork, and optimizing resource allocation through data-driven decision-making.
Increased Productivity
Streamline management, quickly identifying and resolving issues, reducing rework, and delivering projects with excellence.
Improved Communication
Facilitate seamless collaboration, minimizing miscommunication and delays for smoother project execution.
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