Meet Collaboration


Meet & Collaboration

Instil enhanced productivity, efficiency and traceability in your project with advanced centralised collaboration tools to keep your project timelines in check.

Strengthen your Workflow Management

Robust team coordination and tracking to stay on top of the project schedule and budget.

Effortless Collaboration
Seamlessly plan, conduct and conclude all your project meetings on a single platform.
Enhanced Accountability
Assign action items and trace their completion on easy-to-use dashboards.
Organised History
Create transparent record of commitments for any cost impact or litigation

Video Calling

Keep your project plan on track and conduct more efficient meetings with Zepth Meet that allows you to flawlessly schedule, manage and join meetings.

Secured meetings
Up to 250 participants
Share screen, record meetings
Meeting tasks & minutes

Minutes of Meeting

Keep your project on track and conclude meetings on a productive note with a clear plan of action documented alongside your project data.

Create task-based MoMs
Attach documents, photos
Keep your team on same page
Assign and track progress

Task Management

Keep your project on track with powerful task management to view and manage the entire task lifecycle from assignment to execution.

Organise and assign tasks
Collaborate with comments, documents and photos
Track activity history
Prioritise tasks and add due-date

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