Zepth To-do lists


Zepth To-do Lists

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Zepth task management instils enhanced productivity, efficiency and traceability in the project with advanced centralised collaboration tools to keep project timelines in check. Zepth strengthens project workflow management with robust team coordination and task tracking to stay on top of the project schedules and budget.

  • Organise and assign tasks
  • Collaborate with comments, documents and photos
  • Track activity history
  • Prioritise tasks and add due-date

Manage project tasks from one place

Module wise project tasks and task lists make it easy to keep project members actions organised and manageable in one centralised, accessible location. It helps establish a single source of truth for workload, overdue tasks and activities while enabling teams to save time, perform one-click actions and track tasks to stay on schedule.

Prioritise your work

Zepth streamlines task tracking for project managers, enabling insights into the critical actions against an overview of all the actions. The visibility of tasks ensures better work prioritisation, enabling task planning with alerts for overdue tasks.

Improved collaboration

Zepth enables teams to collaborate and build total alignment on the entire project from start to finish with tools to share files, feedback and more so project members can tap into the information whenever needed.

See Zepth in Action

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Zepth is an intelligent and easy-to-use construction project management platform to help deliver projects on budget, schedule and quality.



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