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Why Construction Project Management?

Seeing a project through is an exhausting & challenging business. Even in this ‘instant’ era driven by technology, construction industry lags behind. The productivity has remained flat in the last 6 decades & teams still struggle for air as endless paperwork, loops & broken communication rule the sites.

Why Zepth?

Running projects without good project management is a false economy. The idea of Zepth is to change this trend, this reality which is dominated by a fragmented industry, resulting in over-budget & behind-time projects. Zepth was conceived to do way beyond than keeping the project management’s iron triangle in check. It has been built to deliver on time, budget & scope. To unite the dispersed set of stakeholders, from owners, to managers, contractors to consultants, to defragment the processes, layers of workflows and collaboration. It is an endeavour to unite, to communicate & to collaborate the right thing at the right time.

Zepth does not just ensure that your time & budget doesn’t blow out of proportions but also helps the project teams strategically create a common data environment for the projects for enhanced visibility, accountability and traceability, which further helps navigate through the ups & downs, the clashes & catastrophes. It has been envisioned to be the safety net of a project, one that stands like a rock, spanning the deepest depths securing resources & interests.

An omnichannel unified platform offering comprehensive end to end solutions to all stakeholders.
An easy-to-use and best in class experience which does not overwhelm the end-user.
An intelligent solution with robust data points to enable faster decision-making.

Trusted by Owners, Contractors, Consultants & more…

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