Capital Planning


Zepth Capital Planning

Simplify and Control Your Capital Expenditure Planning Process

Centralized CapEx Planning

Improve project execution, strengthen compliance, and provide clear visibility into all CapEx initiatives.

Reduce Project Budget Overruns
Monitor project budgets, forecasts, actuals, and commitments more efficiently, enabling corrective actions to be taken sooner.
Increase ROI
Adapt to your operating environment and respond more quickly when allocating capital budgets to priority initiatives, thereby maximizing your return on investment.
Approve CapEx Requests Efficiently
Save time and reduce administrative effort by eliminating spreadsheets, automating workflows, and providing standardized information to approvers.

Initiate and Track CapEx Proposals

Streamline proposal initiation and tracking directly from the Project Details page. With comprehensive details like scope, estimated amount, and supporting documents, you can ensure accuracy.
Preconfigured approval workflows assign proposals to the right stakeholders for review. Revisions are simple, and every version is maintained in a clear revision history, providing transparency throughout the process.

Advanced Approval Workflows

Automated workflows guide proposals through stages efficiently, empowering Approvers and Endorsers to provide timely and relevant responses.
Customize workflows to suit your project's needs, enabling stakeholders to approve, revise, or reject proposals based on the latest information.
Email notifications and to-do lists minimize delays by delivering critical tasks to the right people. Share comprehensive records in web or PDF format for transparent decision-making.
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