How Project Insights Enable Faster and more Informed Decision-Making

How Project Insights Enable Faster and more Informed Decision-Making

Project insights derived via sophisticated project management software can radically transform operational capabilities, productivity, collaboration, and innovation. Through the integration of the right insights, decision-making can become more agile and real-time focused. In fact, companies that leverage data analytics for project insights can outperform their industry by 5% in productivity and 6% in profitability. 

The benefit of adopting a construction project management tool, such as Zepth, is the optimization of the lifecycle of projects. Through the smarter integration of project management solutions, managers can access rich project insights at any stage of construction work. Project managers can also quickly align teams towards key objectives and introduce data-driven strategies for better solutions to ongoing problems. 

Infrastructure, commercial, and residential complexes can also become increasingly challenging to manage without a digital technology onboarded. Project management solutions provide valuable data insights for managers to develop pathways that are highly customized to the management of large-scale projects.  

Optimization of Planning Through Data Insights

The integration of BIM data, modelling information, and iterative designs can be successfully executed through a project management solution. The right project insights within the planning stage can set the right note for site work to be executed. The right project insights can help optimize project orientations, energy-use, materials lists, and budgets for a stronger focus on sustainability.  

The speed at which data insights are derived is a critical factor as well. In fact, 61% of companies agree that half the time spent on data analytics is ineffective without the right platform. Project insights can be generated at a much faster rate through the implementation of project management software. This significantly improves decision-making, as the information made available is more precise and relevant to key metrics. 

Enhanced Reliability of Project Insights 

A major benefit of generating real-time project insights is the inherent reliability of onboarded project management platforms. These platforms process hundreds of thousands of data points relating to construction planning and execution, thereby producing the most comprehensive insights available in the market. 

Managers can also rely on these data insights as they are centrally extracted from several context-rich data sources. Project insights can be stored securely within the project management solution, with access provided to managers at any time. Managers can refine strategies and improve decision-making by referencing this reliable historical database of insights. 

Improved Decision-Making For Safety Testing

With 76% of engineering and construction firms investing in one or more technologies this year, the focus is shifting towards a more holistic data analytics framework. Key areas, such as quality, safety, and compliance, are being prioritized for risk reduction and limited cost exposure. Managers are improving decision-making within safety testing through real-time project insights gathered daily from site captures.

Site data is being imported directly into project management platforms, giving managers a clearer perspective on safety challenges. Close to 24% of E&C firms are investing in drones and robotics to streamline remote access and visual data capturing as well. Areas such as electrical, plumbing, equipment misuse, , weak foundation points, etc., are being quickly identified through connected technologies for faster decision-making. 

Enhanced Labour Management Insights For Projects

With almost 75% of construction ecosystem participants stating labour shortages as one of the top areas of concern, the right project management platform can drive key insights into the domain. Project management software solutions provide integrated labour management features that provide availability, assigning, skillset, and analytics tools. 

Project insights within the labour management space can significantly improve site productivity, work progression, and communication with remote teams. Stakeholders can instantly gauge the impact of timely labour availability, as there is a reduced risk of overruns and delays for even more complex projects. 

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