Connected Construction for Transparent Project Management

Connected Construction for Transparent Project Management

Site visibility has been a long-term challenge for many developers that want to improve productivity and reduce cost. It is also a vital pathway for construction firms to ensure high-quality processes are being driven to complete projects in a timely manner. Improving visibility through project management software solutions is a key benefit area of adopting the right connected construction tool. 

Transparency within projects is also vital to learn more about site activities, vendor performance, adherence to outlines, inspections management, etc. It is a key asset that some of the leading developers worldwide leverage, especially as they explore more connected solutions to unite all teams. A top construction project management tool will offer the right features to project managers for optimized execution in a highly transparent environment. 

Understanding the Benefits of Greater Transparency

There are several benefits of improving transparency within projects, which is why developers are adopting connected construction solutions. 

Greater trust within teams – There is a greater trust developed within organizations that leverage dedicated tools for boosting transparency. An integrated line of communication within teams can enhance work quality and trust for improved workflow output. 

Better project accountability – Another vital reason behind the adoption of connected construction solutions is the tracking of all workflows. Teams can be reviewed transparently with regard to output generated across various lifecycle stages. 

Higher quality decision-making – With transparent access to real-time updates, managers can make more informed and higher quality decisions for projects. They can access forecasts, trends, daily progress, labour output, material consumption, and other relevant reports at any time for better decision-making. 

Enhanced safety on sites – A critical reason behind safety incidents and accidents on-site is the lack of visibility across projects. Through scanning, geo-fencing, drones, and IoT connected solutions, developers can improve safety outcomes significantly. 

Better project planning – Close to 75% of developers noted positive returns when using BIM solutions, as they drive greater productivity and transparency during the planning stage. Stakeholders can seamlessly access project insights and provide collaborative inputs on the development of projects transparently. 

Collaborative problem-solving – A key problem area for developers is the formation of silos during execution, as there is limited communication within teams. Connected construction solutions unite team members through chat, data sharing, and information access features within an always-on cloud environment. 

Role of Connected Construction in Boosting Visibility

Boosting visibility is essential to optimizing processes, from planning to delivery, thereby improving output and lowering cost. With larger projects taking approximately 20% longer to complete on average, there is a stronger need for project management solutions to boost site visibility. 

Connected construction tools provide integrated tools for site teams to update project managers through. They drive highly structured workflows that all teams can leverage, introducing greater traceability of all project work being performed. Connected construction solutions also provide active visual and sensor data to centralized project management solutions, giving a clearer picture of the ground realities of construction work. 

With an estimated 14-15% of productivity gains from adopting digital transformation construction technologies, developers stand to benefit significantly from onboarding a comprehensive management solution. These solutions enable teams to optimize site work through dynamically updated information about site conditions, equipment health, scheduled repairs, labour availability, etc. 

Clients, investors, and relevant stakeholders are always seeking greater connectivity and collaboration for updated insights on project status. Lack of visibility is a key area of challenge for more than 45% of developers that are looking for the right tools to gain greater visibility. While construction technology solutions such as drones and site robots provide visual insights, there is a significant need for holistic project management software-driven visibility. 

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