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    Advanced Financial Management Software for Construction Projects

    Plan, monitor, and adjust budgets in real-time, keep construction costs under control, and manage cash flows effectively.

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    Zepth Budget Management Management

    Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve collaboration throughout your project lifecycle

    Comprehensive Budget Management

    Zepth Budget Management tools enable teams to plan your construction budget meticulously and track expenditures in real-time.
    Get a clear overview of your budget status for better decision-making processes, and enable immediate action.

    Dynamic Cost Control

    Zepth Cost Control keeps you updated throughout the dollar lifecycle.
    Manage the financial health of your project against unnecessary escalations with budgeting tools that help you maximise profits & minimise risks.

    Robust Cash Flow Management

    Get detailed cash flow analysis, helping you to anticipate potential shortfalls and strategize your future financial decisions.
    It enhances financial visibility, providing insights into current and future cash positions, and aids in taking preventative measures before cash flow issues arise.

    Zepth Construction Cloud

    Making construction simpler, safer and faster

    Contract Management
    Streamlines contract creation, execution, and analysis, ensuring transparency and legal compliance.
    Change Order Management
    Facilitates efficient management and implementation of change orders, reducing delays and cost overruns.
    Integrated Project Scheduling
    Provides a visual timeline for effective planning, coordination, and monitoring of project progress.
    Resource Management
    Allows strategic resource allocation, tracking, and optimization, reducing expenses and resource wastage.
    Risk Analysis
    Enables early identification, assessment, and management of potential project risks, ensuring smooth execution.
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