Zepth- Empowering Construction Management with Artificial Intelligence

Zepth- Empowering Construction Management with Artificial Intelligence

The construction domain has always been known for its irregularities in time and costs. But the advent of technology in the sector has transformed it to a considerable extent. Zepth, the advanced construction management software solution, has integrated an Artificial Intelligence-driven virtual assistant named Zi- the commercial manager that answers across a host of platforms like web, Whatsapp and other voice assistants. It offers immediate and easy access to data anywhere and at any time so that the team has the required information whenever needed. Further, Zi is capable of delivering reports and project insights in a digestible format and also provides proactive, rule-based alerts for the entire team. It also simplifies processes by providing useful help and navigation tips so that even a novice user can handle the system effectively.

Explore the powerful features offered by Zi

Zi is as good as a full-time Commercial Manager when it comes to managing your construction project and ensuring that it stays aligned with the targets. Some of the integrated features of this AI-powered smart assistant are:

  • Visual communication that enables you to get a comprehensive project grasp with the help of visual updates such as pictures, graphs and schedules.
  • Real-time feedback about the team’s efficiency and Inspection Status to keep you aware and updated at all times.
  • Push notifications that empower you with effective resource monitoring, with Zi keeping track of any discrepancies
  • Contextual reports that show the key metrics and give a fair idea about the progress and roadblocks to the project.
  • Identification of patterns to enable tracking of problematic elements and sending notifications across the database

Apart from these amazing features, Zi also serves as a Zepth project concierge to provide platform related tips, project information and key metrics. So you get a full-time employee that is capable of solving problems and identifying patterns in data even while handling the primary responsibilities of generating and broadcasting reports throughout the project and sending project progress notifications. Moreover, it is intelligent enough to learn and evolve as your project progresses. Truly, this is one feature that makes Zepth stand apart as a software solution that project managers can trust to simplify their tasks and reduce their workloads

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