Zepth X Boston Dynamics’ Spot

Automating Site Data Collection and Analysis for a Connected Job Site

Revolutionising Visual Progress Reporting

Zepth X Boston Dynamics’ Spot is a step forward to enable real-time data sharing from site to the office. Utilising latest technologies and robotics for a connected jobsite is a part of Zepth’s digital transformation vision for the industry to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.


Collect site data from autonomous Spot missions and generate automated visual progress tracker to reduce the time and efforts required to capture data and manage site progress.

Record progress over time while capturing 360-degree images
Generate actionable data and document progress without interruption of work
Enhanced quality and accuracy control with a 'living digital record of the project'
Informed decision-making based on comparable 360-degree data from the site

Create Digital Twins

Compare the as-built state of a building or structure with an as-planned execution in BIM and take corresponding actions to correct any deviations with automated means of data collection and comparison.

Early detection of any discrepancies
Detailed analysis of historical modelling data
An additional layer of information for data-driven decision-making
One-click, ready to share reports


SPOT’s autonomous, terrain-agnostic capabilities support the dynamic nature of construction, enabling it to provide consistent output, deliver improved efficiency and enable up-to-date as-built data analysis.

By-pass obstacles and maintain its defined path for routine inspections, regularly and repeatedly
Capture the as-built conditions on the site across various hazardous and hard-to-reach areas
Remotely conduct inspections, identify snags, and collaborate with the team on Zepth meet
Revolutionise the way site documentation and data gathering is accomplished

Remote Missions

Remote missions enable operators to control Spot from a virtual control room. Operators can use it to take the robot anywhere a person could or could not go on-site.

Inspect critical equipment or hazardous areas from afar
Enhanced perception for autonomous operation and capture data more frequently and more precisely
Remotely conduct daily site scans, monitor progress, manage assets
Unify all project data, people and processes under Zepth’s common data environment
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