Project Financials

Take Control of Your Project with Project Cost Control Tools

Take a look at how Zepth streamlines your finances.


Take control of your finances

Strike an equilibrium between costs, schedule, goals & targets through improved communication, real-time data, & high-definition visibility.

  • Configure Project Cost Items in Budget Heads and Subheads
  • Perform Budget Revisions across project phases
  • Transfer Budget between Subheads
  • Definition & Utilization of Contingency
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construction management software


Timing made impeccable

Define and manage your project timelines with unawarded capex scheduling tool. It cements your project plan with your target timeline with seamless tracking, monitored through each change, accomplishment & delay.

  • Create Packages/ Scope for Unawarded Capex
  • Establish & Restructure Budget Cashflows
  • Define Work Breakdown Structure
  • Budget Schedules & Gantt Chart


The ebb and flow of your project

Get detailed monthly projected & actual cashflows on a real-time basis. It helps you to track and review cash position for your projects & ascertain any shortage or excess of funds to address problems before they become issues.

  • Define milestones-driven payment schedules
  • Review project cashflows at subhead, contract and vendor level
  • Maintain optimum cash position in the project
project management software
cost management software


Capitalise your capital expenditure

With project capex requisition manage project capital expenditure requests with multi-level approvals of contracts and change orders. Upload contract documents, define payment terms and schedules.

  • Undertake Project Capex Requisition
  • Issue change orders, track anticipated variation
  • Upload contracts and define your payment terms and schedules
  • Better hold on the resources with payment certifications


Simplify management

Certify vendor payments after milestone review of each contract and keep track of your actual cashflows

  • Contract payment terms and milestone review
  • Paperless and multi-level payment certification
  • Payment tracker to ensure nothing is overlooked
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construction management services


Transforming data to insights

Get real-time reporting for your budgets, cashflows & contracts on role-based dashboards. Generate powerful analytics, deep insights and interactive visualizations using the project data and stay updated with the changing variables.

  • User-defined and customized reporting
  • Budget Analysis Report
  • Subhead Status Report
  • Detailed Cashflow Statements
  • Reports on Contracts and Certified Payments
  • One-click, Ready to Share Reports

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