Zi- Your Commercial Manager

Artificial Intelligence-driven Virtual Assistant

Meet Zi- Your New Employee

  • Virtual Assistant always available to give information
  • Immediate, easy and anywhere access to data
  • One-click reporting delivered in a digestible format
  • Proactive rule-based alerts for crucial project insights
  • Simplify processes with help and navigation tips

Integrated with AI platforms for a seamless user experience throughout the database to manage your project.


Personalised information for users as per their role in the project, securing the flow of project data.

Timely Updates

With ever-evolving solution architecture, the virtual assistant grows with your project.

Integrated Features

Manage your project with a full-time Commercial Manager chipping in to keep your project aligned with the targets with some very specific responsibilities.

Generating Reports

Access key metrics, progress & roadblocks with a dedicated project concierge for all intents & purposes.

Identify Patterns

Track problem causing elements and notifications across the database.

Real-Time Feedback

Get instant feedback about your IoT machinery and team efficiency.

Visual Communication

Get a better grasp of the project with visual updates in the form of videos and photos.

Push Notifications

Monitor resources better with Zi looking out for any discrepancies.

Rediscover Efficiency and Productivity

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