Project Cost Control

Tools for Efficient Construction Projects

Project Cost Control

Achieve your business objectives, on-time and within budget.
The global construction industry annually bleeds 10-30% owing to mismanagement & inefficiency. Cement your budget with your target using these financial tools to maximise profits with minimum risks, monitored through each change, accomplishment & delay.

Unmet Deadlines- No More

Unmet deadlines often translate to unplanned expenditure. Monitor the progress of each of your project phases and their impact on your project and resources to bid adieu to any surprises.

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Avoid Late Reality Checks

Construction business is dominated by a web of stakeholders and dependencies. Get problem insights and eliminate the constraints holding your project back while you still have time to wind things around.

A Change that Pays

Make way for efficient communication, faster approvals and enhanced productivity within your entire project team and track delays before they begin to impact your schedule and resources.

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project management software

Reclaim Project Visibility

Make a real difference with the visibility on the baseline & trends that can amplify productivity in your processes. Track critical developments, monitor change audits and integrate your endeavours.

Rediscover Efficiency and Productivity

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Project, Resources & Financials in Unison

Cast efficiency in your business by aligning each project phase with your set goals & targets, right from conception to completion.


Manage the financial health of your project against unnecessary escalations.

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Cement your project plan with your targets by defining and managing your project timelines.

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Manage project capital expenditure requests with multi-level approvals of contracts and change orders.

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Track and review cash position for your projects to address problems before they become issues.

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Certify vendor payments after milestone review of each contract and keep track of your actual cashflows.

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Generate powerful analytics, deep insights, interactive visualizations and stay updated with the change

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