Zepth Inspections

Streamline how Inspections are Conducted and Retained


Inspection Requests

Initiate your inspections right

Zepth inspection requests enable you to easily log each inspection request information along with paperless acceptance and collaboration to establish a standardised and traceable inspection process.

  • Initiate inspection request against specific contracts
  • Define inspection specifications & site details
  • Paperless inspection request collaboration & acceptance
  • Inspection schedule notifications & automated reminders
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Checklists Library

Setup checklists in minutes

Zepth inspections enable you to create your own checklists or customise one from our global checklist library. Choose a template and create your version using the built-in checklist editor.

  • An intuitive, drag & drop checklist builder
  • Create your own custom checklists library
  • Define an organisational checklist library, consistent across multiple projects
  • Search & customise checklists from a global library

Conduct Inspections

Standardise site monitoring and visits

Bring order to how inspections are conducted while completely eliminating pen and paper forms. From defining inspection parameters to adding issue annotations, accomplish it all on a collaborative platform.

  • Define inspection criteria, test plan & reference standards
  • Perform inspections on digital checklists
  • Add observations and attach evidences
  • Publish and distribute inspection reports
  • Role-based access to inspection records
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Corrective Actions

Transform issues to actions

Address variations, defects & failures with corrective actions that allow you to assign due-date based tasks, add each-checkpoint relevant observations and support your actions with pictures and comments.

  • Assign & track due date-based corrective actions
  • Add details & attach pictures
  • Complete activity history
  • Paperless collaboration at one place

Inspections Dashboard

Generate powerful insights

Raise safety & quality standards across the projects with insightful dashboards to view all the high-level information of corrective action and inspections comparable across contracts, teams or contractors.

  • Automated pdf exports & sharing
  • Expansive project performance dashboard
  • Detailed contractor performance
  • Record & track corrective actions with activity history
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Project Ageing Analysis

Trace timely and untimely

Track and analyse inspections delays and corrective action resolution with ageing analysis. Trace the timeline violations and failed follow-up which affect the project timelines.

  • Track inspection delays
  • Corrective action resolution timelines
  • Inspector and contractor action timelines
  • Drill-down from contractor to corrective action level

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