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Mobile Application

Zepth mobile app makes the project data & reports readily available to project members & stakeholders. It also features a virtual assistant to let the users avail information wherever, whenever. Anytime the users need to access the insights about their project, they are never any farther from their pocket.

construction project management
construction management system


A feature-rich Administrator Control Panel to efficiently manage the project in Zepth. The administrator/s can create/ invite users, manage access rights. Whether it is limiting the accessible data to a certain user or limiting users to their defined projects, everything can be easily managed from the control panel.

Documents/ Attachments

Keep all your project collaterals in one place to ensure everybody is working with the same knowledge base. Easily upload/ attached references related to your budget, contracts, change orders, payments or responses. Enhanced communication, strengthened collaboration, always a stone’s throw away.

construction management software
cost management software

Multi-level Approvals

Introduce your project to paperless, multi-level sequential approvals of budgets, contracts & payment certifications. Set up an approval workflow with multiple approvers in your project to get things done quickly. Approvers can add remarks and attach documents while sending information for approval.

Activity History

A single stop for all user activities and a complete audit trail to cover the changes in the information entered into the system and to track the changes to the information stored in the database. Enabling a complete audit of every user activity in the system and tracking of discrepancies, if any.

project management software
contract management software

Role-Based Access

An invite-only database with hierarchical permission and control levels. Users interact with different modules in the application based on their defined roles and access rights ensuring that the classified information specific to certain roles and groups is restricted to them.

Linked Organizations

Project admin can add/ invite stakeholders to the project team in order to share the project with other Zepth organisations. Organisations can only be invited by a project admin and can be assigned different access levels varying across its members.

construction project management
construction management platform

Project Information

A destination for all your small but crucial project information. Define comprehensive details of the project to be shared and viewed across your team and organisations. From currency to key stakeholders, this is one place to structure key data of your project.

Project Directory

Manage the users and organisations specific to a particular project in a simplified database. Add members from your own team, add external organisations collaborating with you on the project and manage their access rights for the information available across the project.

cost management software

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