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    Construction Document Management

     Streamline Your Project Documentation

    Discover the power of streamlined construction project management with Zepth Document Management tools. Simplified submittals, transmittals and RFIs enable teams to experience increased productivity and enhanced collaboration.

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    True Common Data Environment

    Single Source of Truth
    Always keep your team on the latest version of information with sophisticated version control.
    Secure and Limitless
    Store and share unlimited documents in various formats with advanced role based access controls.
    Access Anytime, Anywhere
    Browse accurate project information across devices with offline availbility.

    Zepth Document Management

    Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve collaboration throughout your project lifecycle

    Document Register

    Maintain a centralized and organized repository of project documents with Zepth Document Register. Capture, store, and manage all project-related documents, ensuring easy access and version control.


    Effortlessly manage the submission and review of project documentation. Track the status of submittals, ensure compliance with project requirements, and facilitate seamless collaboration with project stakeholders.


    Easily create, track, and manage transmittals, ensuring accurate and efficient exchange of project information. Zepth provides comprehensive logs of all transmittals, including timestamps and recipient details, enabling clear visibility and accountability.


    Streamline the Request for Information (RFI) process with Zepth RFIs, enabling collaboration between project team members, allowing for attachments, comments, and notifications to ensure timely resolution of RFIs.

    Benefits of Zepth

    Making construction simpler, safer and faster

    Enhanced Organization
    Categorize and tag documents, making it easy to locate and retrieve important information.
    Improved Collaboration
    Collaborate in real-time, share documents, and track changes, fostering better communication and coordination.
    Increased Efficiency
    Automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and reduce manual errors, saving time and resources.

    Zepth Features

    Single Source of Truth
    A centralized repository to store, manage, and search for all project-related documents.
    Version Control
    Track document versions, changes, and revisions to ensure everyone is working with the latest information.
    Access control
    Set permissions and access levels to ensure the right people have access to the right documents.
    Collaboration Tools
    Enable real-time collaboration, comments, and document sharing among team members.
    Cloud-based Access
    Access your documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device.
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